3 Common Tips to Make Your Writing Process Easier

2 min readJan 13, 2021



Writing essays seems like an uphill task for many students. Some do not understand why their teacher has to keep on torturing them with research writing. Staring at the screen for hours is annoying, yet you have nothing to write. Remember, writing requires you to use your research skills and then analyze the evidence critically. You must also possess good writing skills to help you pass the information well. Luckily, you can make your writing process easy and enjoyable by following these tips below.

⦁ Planning

One way to help you write easily is by planning first. Depending on how extensive the paper is, you can divide it into subsections to help you handle each at a time. Allocate enough time to each section and put clear deadlines. It is a great way to avoid procrastination and beat writer’s block. Find a friendly place where you intend to do your writing. It should be comfortable with enough lighting and free from distractions. Gather all the materials that you require and settle.

⦁ Research and Outline

There are numerous sources that you can use to get all the information that you require. When settling, ensure you have the books that you need to read. The net will also offer you will all the information that you need. Note that not all sites on the net are credible. Though some like Wikipedia will help you understand the topic better, you can use it as evidence in your writing. Use verified sites only as evidence and ensure that the books you are using are not outdated. After the research, outline the essay to make the writing process faster.

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⦁ Write

After thorough research, numerous ideas may start “clogging” your mind. Free the mind by jotting down anything that is on your mind on paper. Once the mind clears, use the outline to craft an excellent essay. You should follow the recommended essay structure. Include all the evidence needed to back up your claim. Once you finish, proofread. Use the right tools and people to polish your work.


Avoid excuses when tasked with a writing assignment. You can make the process easy by following these three processes. Plan your work and get a comfortable plan to settle and work. Do thorough research and make a proper outline. Write your first draft, and then use all the tools necessary to polish the final draft.




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