7 Tips to Write Your First Essay at College

2 min readMar 5, 2021


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You are a mediocre writer, and the idea of crafting a research paper already weighs you down. Since you cannot drop out of college, your best bet is to perfect your skills. These seven tips for students below will help you. Instead of feeling overwhelmed when given an assignment, it will be an opportunity to show your skills. The tips include

Understand the Assignment

Writing becomes easy once you understand the assignment at hand. You know what and where to research. Take note of the style that the instructor requires you to use. Check the number of words required.

Get a Topic

If the teacher does not provide you with a topic, then he will require searching for one. When getting a topic, consider how interesting it is to you. Go through the available information to know if you get enough relevant materials for the same.

Research and Outline

Use the library and internet to get relevant materials. Avoid websites that have not been verified. Do not include outdated information in your paper, either. Go for journals and credible materials that have verified facts. Make notes on any source that you use. Outline the paper following the right structure.

Get help

Maybe there are instructions you do not understand. Why risk crafting a paper only to fail or even repeat it when through. Your lecturer will not mind clearly explaining the instructions.

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Find a Thesis Statement

The thesis statement comes in the last two sentences of your introduction. Your essay will revolve around it. It must be specific and precise. It should also provide an opportunity for argument.

Opening Hook

Your introduction should start with an opening hook. The hook grabs the reader’s attention, enticing them to read further. Start with either a question or even an interesting quote.

  1. Write Drafts

Do not fear to make several drafts before getting the right paper. After creating the first one, rest first. Please take a look at it when fresh and edit. If you have time, rest again and edit it each time you feel fresh until you get satisfied. Proofread once through.


Even if you are dealing with a research paper for the first time, worry less. Understand the assignment first before tackling it. Get the right topic if the teacher has not provided you with one. Research and create an excellent outline. If you feel stuck, get help from your support system. Write a thesis statement and begin your introduction with an opening hook. Do not fear to craft multiple drafts before getting an impressive paper.




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