How Should Students of Business Schools Write a Personal Statement

2 min readAug 26, 2021


Choosing where to begin when writing a strong personal statement for a Business School admission is the most difficult element. It needs a little self-assurance, some imagination, and a well-thought-out essay structure. These pointers will assist students in planning and writing a good personal statement for business school.

Do Not Write What is Expected

Many applicants write what they believe should be in a business school admissions essay, squandering an opportunity to demonstrate their true contribution to the program to the admissions committee. Students can avoid this error by imagining themselves in a face-to-face interview with an admissions officer. Furthermore, no matter how enterprising, one should not start with their cookie business in their childhood. Keep it fresh and relevant; Consider internships and professional opportunities. Candidates having some job experience are preferred by most business programs to be valuable members of the cohort.

Tell a Story About You at Work

The candidate should make the tale more intriguing by including facts highlighting their business acumen and capacity to reason quickly. Showcase their actions in the best light possible. Beyond the applications file with all the test scores, standardized transcripts, and letters of recommendation, the applicants can tell the reader who they are. An individual should share something about himself or herself that the admissions committee will not learn from other areas in the application is one way to do this. Students can use EduBirdie in Canada, a personal statement writing service, to assist in drafting one. One should allow their individuality and business knowledge to shine through in their writing. They should be brief, detailed, and personal. The tale could be as simple as expertly preparing a big presentation for a difficult new client, having an idea for a big change in a marketing campaign, or being part of a team that ventured into a new market. One should keep the story brief but in-depth. Give the reader just enough information to grasp the significance of the narrative while also leaving them wanting to learn more.

Explain Why You Want to Pursue a Degree

One should share their long-term professional ambitions and the specializations they are interested in, and why they are interested in them. For example, they may concentrate on finance to serve in the health sector, especially if they already have experience in that area. The individual can share their expertise by commenting on the healthcare industry’s development prospects or potential obstacles. If space permits, one can explain why the university’s Business program is the greatest fit for them. Consider the program’s quantitative advantage, several internship options


An individual’s personal statement will be outstanding if they have a plan and excellent writing skills. The applicant should proofread his or her essay, get it to somebody else (a colleague or a professional) to check for structure and content. The reader should get a good idea of the author and their value to the cohort from the personal statement.




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